Early And Absentee Voting Numbers

Oct 18, 2012

More than a million of Ohio's nearly 8 million registered voters have taken steps to cast a ballot.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

It looks like more than one point four million Ohioans are taking advantage of the opportunity to vote early. More than one point two million have requested absentee ballots so they can vote by mail. But, at this point, only about a fifth of those voters have returned those mail in ballots. More than 280 thousand absentee ballots have been mailed back to boards of elections. More than one hundred 24 thousand Ohioans have cast an absentee ballot in person at local boards of elections or designated early vote centers. Franklin County leads in the number of in ballots cast that way. More than 12 thousand people have voted in person there and more than 42 thousand have returned paper ballots by mail. More than 235 thosuand mail in ballots have been requested in Cuyahoga County. Of those, more than 50 thousand have been returned. And more than 11 thousand have voted early, in person in that county so far.