Faber Gives No Specifics On Medicaid "Reform" Plan

May 14, 2013

Republican Ohio Senate President Keith Faber told a Cleveland City Club audience Monday lawmakers are open to pursuing a Medicaid bill before the end of the year.

Faber says the bill would likely be a departure from the Medicaid expansion proposed by Governor John Kasich. Nick Castele of member station WCPN reports.

The Ohio House has rejected Gov. John Kasich\’s proposal to go along with the federal Medicaid expansion plan, which would cover hundreds of thousands of additional Ohioans.

Faber says senators know there\’s a need for coverage among people with disabilities, mental health problems and addiction.  And, he says, lawmakers are still open to what he calls Medicaid \"reform.\" But he wouldn\’t give definitive details. 

FABER: \"Will it mean the expansion that the governor proposed, or will it mean something else. My guess is that it will mean something else.\”

He says lawmakers are looking into getting a waiver from the federal government to depart from the Medicaid expansion as laid out by the Affordable Care Act. 

Robin Bachman at Sisters of Charity Health System heard Faber\’s remarks, and says she\’s glad there\’s still a chance the state will offer Medicaid coverage to more people.

BACHMAN: \"He didn\’t seem to shut the door on that, so it was hopeful in my mind. I would love to hear that it was going to happen sooner rather than later.\”

Bachman says she\’s still hopeful Ohio will approve a full expansion. Faber says he\’d like to pass a bill by the end of the year.