GE And UD To Open High-Tech Aviation Testing Facility

Dec 12, 2013

GE Aviation and the University of Dayton are holding a grand opening ceremony Friday for a 53 million dollar facility called the Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center, or Episcenter.

The facilty expands the company's presence in the region. Emily McCord of member station WSYO in Yellow Springs reports.

It's a new way of doing things for GE.  Used to be, an airplane manufacturer, like Boeing, would have an idea for a product.  And then other companies would bid to then develop the product.  Now, the company can get in on early on the development and testing of airplane electrical systems and collaborates with airplane manufacturers.

At the new, (138,000-) high-tech facility on UD’s campus, GE can fit an entire plane wing.

Vic Bonneau with GE Aviation says 70 people are already employed at the Episcenter, and says this part of a long term investment in the Dayton area. 

“We’re not here for the next two years. We’re trying to build this for the next 50 years for the people who will come after us and use the space and hopefully do good work and invent new things that will solve problems.:

Depending on future projects, Bonneau says 200 more jobs may be possible in the next five years and this is already huge industry here. GE has a jet engine facility in Evendale and a systems plant in Vandalia. It employs about 9,000 people in the region.