Glaxo Smith Kline settlement could mean money for Ohio

Jul 2, 2012

It's being called the largest health care fraud settlement in US history, and Ohio may get millions of dollars as a result.  Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports.

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine says a big prescription drug maker, Glaxo Smith Kline, has agreed to pay 3 billion dollars so the states and the federal government will drop allegations that the company illegally marketed and priced medicines like Paxil, Advare and Welbutrin. If the proposed settlement is finalized, Ohio's medicaid system would be reimbursed 40 million dollars.  Here's the way Dewine summed up the case: "Glaxo Smith Kline illegally marketed several prescrioption drugs for ailments the medications were not intended to treat.  The medicines were then over prescribed, and paid for with Ohio taxpayer dollars".