Could we agree that this film should not be cloned?

I have not seen all the loser films so far this year, but for those I have, "Godsend" gets my second place vote (Surely no film could be worse than "Johnson Family Vacation"). Director Nick Hamm helped Thora Burch's career with the interesting "Hole," but there is nothing he did well in "Godsend" for Greg Kinnear (Paul) or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Jesse), who let off-center doctor/scientist Robert De Niro (Richard) con them into cloning their recently deceased 8-year old son.

Does Damien from "The Omen" and its sequels remind you of an unforgettable antichrist motif? This film will remind you only of why Greg Kinnear needs to be more careful with the films he headlines, and De Niro needs to think of the damage to his legend as he fattens his bank account. I can think of no reason to recommend this film: The plot twists about the cloned child being different after the replicated 8 years are uninspired; the music is the standard minimalist piano tinkling tinkling every plot point; the acting is pedestrian because these estimable actors have nothing to work with.

Do you want to know that De Niro rolls 2 stainless steel balls in his hand like Captain Queeg from "The Caine Mutiny"? Do I need to say more? What do you infer from the PG-13 rating?

After you've wasted your time on this loser, could we agree that this film should not be cloned?