Gordon Gee To Lead State Higher Education Study

Oct 22, 2013

Former Ohio State University President Gordon Gee will lead a state study into ways to make college more affordable.

Governor John Kasich appointed Gee to work with education and business leaders on a model that would get more young people into college. A list of recommendations is due next year. Gee is one of the state power brokers who helped get Kasich elected. More from Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow.

Gee says he hopes his group can find ways of improving higher education while making it more affordable but he didn’t provide any specifics of what this review would accomplish and what standards it may recommend.

Gee: “Because I want to take a look at all the good ideas out there and one of the things I know—having been president at past universities—is that each institution is different and so the mistake that we would make in any kind of recommendation that we provide for the governor or for the Legislature is for us to say that there is one size that fits all so we have to be very, very careful about that.”

Gee has a lot on his plate after stepping down as president. He’s already serving OSU as president emeritus and he also plans to teach at Harvard. Gee says he will not be paid to lead the governor’s new effort.