Governor Denies Clemency For Treesh

Mar 1, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich has denied clemency for a death row inmate scheduled to be executed next week.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Time is running out for death row inmate Fredrick Treesh. Governor Kasich has denied clemency for Treesh.  And the Governor’s decision comes after the Ohio Parole Board unanimously recommended against clemency.  Treesh was convicted in 1995 of killing Henry Dupree, a security guard in an adult bookstore in Eastlake.  He was also convicted of attempting to murder another man as part of a multi-state crime spree.  Treesh told the Ohio Parole Board he was high on drugs when he accidentally killed Dupree after a struggle for a gun.  Treesh’s lawyers say his rights were violated during a prolonged interrogation as he was coming down from a drug high. And they also said Treesh suffers from health problems, including a seizure disorder.  And his attorneys said that raises concerns that Ohio’s lethal injection process would cause him suffering amounting to cruel and unusual punishment.  Barring court action to stop his execution, Treesh will be put to death Tuesday.