Governor Releases Education Plan

Feb 1, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich will be in Cincinnati today to talk about his new school-funding plan.

 He says his 15 billion dollar "Achievement Everywhere" plan will help poor students compete, encourage innovation and address the currently unconstitutional school funding formula. He says the two-year plan boosts K-12 spending by 1.2 billion dollars and establishes a 300 million dollar gramt fund to pay for competitive innovation and efficiency. Some Democrats and teachers unions complained they were excluded from the plan's development. Some education leaders say they are encouraged by what they're seeing so far but want to know more. StudentsFirst Ohio, part of a national bipartisan organization seeking change in public education, says it looks like a step in right direction. The group Ohio eSchool Families and Friends Coalition approves of Kasich's plan to expand school vouchers, and his support for charter schools including online schools. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles has more.