Grades For Schools To Be Revised

Feb 13, 2013

The acting leader of the Ohio Department of Education is being asked to recalculate grade cards for the nine school districts that have been accused of scrubbing student data.

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

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Ohio Auditor Dave Yost says he wants the state department of Education to take a close look at the nine districts identified in a recent audit as making changes to look better in state reports. 

Yost – We are requesting he and his staff recalculate the grade cards for these districts. 

Michael Sawyers, the acting superintendent for the Ohio Department of Education, says his staff will do that.  And he says the agency will investigate the problems in those districts that were identified in the state audit.

Sawyer –If the investigation proves that for professional conduct purposes, it was done knowingly or willingly, then it will come forward through another process to look at the individual for potential revocation of licensure if they are a professional staff member or criminal charges if they are warranted.

Sawyers says his department will also consider other recommendations in the auditor’s report.