Green Tip 35--Green Cleaning=Better Employees

Hocking Hills, OH –

There is evidence that cleaning crews that use green/non-toxic cleaning supplies are better employees. Conventional cleaning products, especially at the commercial level, can and do make employees sick (I know this from first hand experience when I cleaned at the commercial level). Here's an example. One resort noticed that at the end of each shift many workers left the hotel with red, teary eyes. Sometimes their cheeks would be puffy and red as well. The contract cleaning crew's employer switched to green cleaning supplies. As a result, not only did the employees feel better, but their performance increased as well. Feeling better, the employees were able to put more energy into their work. Their cleaning was more thorough.

Lower turnover and absenteeism are other business benefits to using green cleaning supplies for your cleaning crew. At one time, turnover was estimated to be as high as 300% in certain parts of North America. When employees feel better and better about coming to work, they are more apt to show up and stay on the job. Of course, another benefit is lowered insurance and worker's compensation claims. So, not only can green cleaning make better and healthier employees, but these products can also reduce the amount of money to do business. Switching to green cleaners is also a marketing benefit as more and more consumers and businesses are requesting healthier solutions for people and the planet.

Here are some companies that carry commercial/industrial green cleaning products:

1. Clean Solutions-cleaning products for household and businesses. .
2. Evolution by Orbeco floor/surface cleaner, carpet cleaner, carpet odor neutralizer, all-purpose spotter. .
3. Green Suites International Nature's Mist Odor Neutralizer System.
4. HD Supply Hospitality Solutions commercial cleaning products. (under janitorial/cleaning).
5. MOPS Plus cleaning products for the hospitality industry that are reusable and effective.
6. Natural Choices Home Safe Products, LLC cleaning products for household, janitorial, laundry and institutional use.
7. Naturally Clean cleaning products for household, janitorial and commercial use.
8. Orison commercial and industrial cleaning products.
9. RES-Q Cleaning Solutions, Inc. household and industrial cleaning products. .

Just like the residential cleaners, I would recommend testing these products first. Call or email and see if you can obtain samples for your cleaning crew.

A few final reminders about cleaning:
1. Use old toothbrushes and scouring pads for hard-to-reach places and tough jobs, depending on the surface.
2. Use old rags and/or microfiber cloths instead of disposable wipes and/or paper towels. If you must use paper towels for something, use recycled ones.
3. Use traditional dry mops and wet mops, not the kind with disposable wipes.
4. Purchase mops, brooms, buckets and other supplies out of recycled material.
5. Label all home made cleaning products and never store near or with food items.
6. Do not mix any home made product with commercial products.

Now, with all of the information from the last three weeks' tips, you have all that you need and a little time to make the healthy switch to green cleaning-- just in time for Spring Cleaning!

:Byline Bio: Gwen Corbett,
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