Green Tip 36--Beauty--Green Deep

Hocking Hills, OH –
For the past four weeks I have been writing about things that people can do in and around their homes and businesses to be more chemical free, for personal health and for the health of the environment. This week's article features clean, pure and healthy cosmetic and personal care products. Next to the food we put in our mouth, beauty and hygiene products are the things that come in closest contact with our body. Shouldn't we pay close attention to what exactly is coming so close to our body?

Remember that our human bodies are like little sponges. What we put on our skin seeps in our pores and gets inside our body. To stay healthy, we need to keep our sponges clean. This is a difficult task because most of the stores that carry our beauty care and hygiene products offer mostly products with harmful chemicals as ingredients.

Many ingredients in our body care products are not only making us sick but could be killing us as well. According to an April 1990 USA Today's news report, "OSHA discovered 884 toxic chemicals in common personal care products." According to a September 6, 1997 article in The Boston Globe, "125 cosmetic ingredients are suspected of causing cancer, along with others that may cause birth defects." More children are poisoned every year in home from toxic substances including personal care products than accidentally killed by guns. Federal laws regulating cosmetics have not been updated since 1938. Consider this: each day most American women use shampoo, conditioner, deodorants, moisturizers, make-up, lipstick, mascara, nail polishes and perfumes. During this process, women are exposed to 200 chemicals.

Here's the good news! There are many healthy, clean and pure alternatives to the typical chemically harmful body care products. Organic and natural cosmetic and toiletries like soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, deodorants, hair spray, tooth paste, sunscreen, hair color, lotions/moisturizers, lip balm, lip stick, make-up, mascara, cleansers and scrubs can be found more readily every day as the demand for healthy products increases. These products can be found in your local health store, co-op, some local groceries in organic sections, or can be ordered online. If you make a trip to the Columbus area, check out The Raisin Rack Natural Market (Westerville-614.882.5886) or Whole Foods Market (Dublin 614.760.5556). Both of these stores have a wide variety (and some testers) so you can begin your search for your favorite product.

Here is a list of some authentic tried and true blue (really green) brands for you to check out.

General Body Care:
Alba Botanica, All Terrain, Aubrey Organics, Avalon, Burt's Bees, Derma E, Dessert Essence, Grandpa's, Kiss My Face, Jason Organics, Nature's Baby Organics, Nature's Gate, Tom's Of Maine, Weleda

Hair Color:
Nature Tint, Tints of Nature

Make-ups and Cleansers:
Camocare Organics, Derma E, Ecobella, No Miss

To become more consumer savvy about body care products check out the following web sites: - lists and details harmful ingredients found in many body care products. - cosmetic safety review/scores cosmetics from 0-10 for their safety.

We all know that beauty is not just skin deep. What we decide to put on our bodies will go in, so let's make healthier choices. This is something that is in our realm to control and take charge of. It's getting easier everyday to make this healthy choice with a variety of products offering many different scents, textures and prices. Enjoy venturing out and trying new products.

Byline Bio: Gwen Corbett, Bear's Den Cottages, Green Lodging
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