The Hangover


"I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust." Alan (Zach Galifianakis)

If you want more anti-PC humor, The Hangover gives it: gay Asian thugs, old man without underwear, shrill girlfriend, loveable whore, and Holocaust joke (see above). This boys-will-be boys comedy thriller has enough raunch and racism to garner a near NC-17 (stay for the credits) and enough crude laughs to make a few hundred mil.

The weekend in Vegas for three groomsmen and a groom before the wedding turns into a lost one for the revelers, who can't remember what happened because a low-rent dealer gave them A date-rape drug rather than cocaine. The result is the chaos only a fianc? coUld dream of: lost tooth, child, and tiger; marriage to a hooker; $80 K of debt; and some very perturbed waiting women at home. The premise of their retracing the evening is a good one, providing a flashback with a detective edge.

Throughout, the dialogue does not hold up to Judd Apitow standards, and the payoffs for the setups are weak. The film is humor underdressed for a wedding.