Help Us Build A Public Radio Forest in 2014

Apr 19, 2013

Everyone's talking about living a more sustainable life. We’d all like to have less of an impact on the environment, and here’s a way to do just that AND support the programs you love on WCBE…become a Sustaining Member

Some of our listeners prefer to spread their donation out on a monthly basis as Sustainers. These listeners enjoy the convenience of being able to donate in smaller monthly amounts rather than all at once. The more Sustainers we have, the less paper we have to send in the mail, so its also a greener way to go.

And, by signing up as a Sustaining Member this weekend only, you’ll be joining listeners around the country to create a “public radio forest” in Spring 2014. 

In celebration of Earth Day, the station will plant 4 trees for every new sustaining member or current sustaining member who increases their monthly donation to WCBE.

When you become a sustaining member of WCBE this weekend only, you’ll join thousands of other public radio listeners across the country in an effort to plant a forest of trees that will improve water quality, provide wildlife habitat, and enhance recreational benefits on public lands. This is called the Public Radio Forest project.


  • The target date to plant the trees is spring 2014.
  • The specific project and location will be determined by the National Forest Foundation, and is based on the greatest need.
  • The trees are native species to the area where they will be planted and will clean air and water, provide wildlife habitat, and enhance recreational benefits on public lands.

Now is your chance to give back to the world that brings you so many beautiful things, including public radio, with a sustaining gift today. Call 365-5711 or go online here.