Husted Rescinds Directive On Early Voting

Sep 7, 2012

There’s another twist in the ongoing fight over weekend voting. The Secretary of State is telling county boards of elections to ignore instructions he gave them earlier this week.  

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.


Secretary of State Jon Husted has rescinded a ruling he sent to boards of elections earlier this week ordering them not to set hours for early in person voting on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Election Day.  A federal court has ordered voting on that weekend but the ruling is being appealed.  Husted’s spokesman, Matt McClellan, says Husted is now telling boards of elections to ignore that ruling.

McClellan – The secretary believed our office was taking the initial steps to comply with the order.  However, the court considered the directive was not in compliance with the order.  And knowing the court’s feeling on the matter, the secretary willingly repealed the directive today.

McClellan says Husted’s office is asking the court for a stay while the matter is being appealed