Interim OSU President Meets With Reporters

Jul 18, 2013

Interim Ohio State University President Joe Alutto is promising to continue the plans of his predecessor during the search for the school's next leader.

A search committee has been formed and Alutto says he's confident the right person will be found.

Former President Gordon Gee retired earlier this month, a few weeks after his controversial remarks about Notre Dame, Roman Catholics and Southeastern Conference schools became public. Alutto took over just before the Columbus School Board was to name him as the interim replacement for retired Superintendent Gene Harris.

Alutto served briefly as interim president in 2007 before Gee was hired for a second time, and he says this go around will be a bit different.

Alutto says he wants to find ways to keep tuition low and will make recruiting the best students and faculty a priority. Alutto will also plan new building projects, which could include filling the area where St. John Arena is located once the facility is demolished. Alutto is being paid a base salary of 650 thousand dollars.