Internship Experience At WCBE

Jul 26, 2013

Hi, my name is Greg Tomaszycki.  I'm 22 years old and I live in Ohio.  I am currently attending Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI.  Some of the things I enjoy doing are hunting, writing, playing ping pong, and video games.  I also enjoy listening to music.  Some of my favorite artists are the Beatles, Who, Styx, and Queen.

This summer has been very busy with my internship at WCBE.  I also have a job at a landscape company and that has kept me occupied during the summer.  I enjoy both of these jobs and I'm glad that I get to do something productive during break.  For July 4th weekend, my family is heading up north to visit family.  Every year they have fireworks over a lake and it's very cool to watch.  When I'm not working I enjoy writing.  I'm almost done with my first novel and I'm very excited about it.  The book is about Demons trying to take over Heaven again, and the process that involves them accomplishing that goal.  My dream job is to be an author.

During my time at WCBE, I have worked a lot, including several projects which have helped me hone my skills and have helped me grow in the radio industry.  My goal is to work in a news department at a radio station, and my internship at WCBE has given me the skills to make that happen.  I have written a lot of promotions and have edited commercials.  One of the major projects I have done is a top ten songs list for the summer.  I picked some of my favorite songs, and explained why they were good for this time of year. I plan to use the skills I picked up at WCBE and do the best job I can.

This fall I'm going to be a senior at Ferris State University.  I had a hard time picking a major, but I'm glad I chose communications.  Communications has helped me develop my speaking  and writing skills, which are very important to the radio industry.  I would like to get a job in radio or TV after I get out of college.Since I enjoy writing and public speaking I would like to become a news anchor for radio or TV.   I like knowing what's happening in the world and as a news anchor, it's your job to know these things.  One of the topics I have researched a lot is Obamacare.  I like hearing both sides of the debate and I find the subject very interesting.

I think it's important to have a plan after college and I have one mapped out well.  My internship at WCBE has given me the experience I need to do well after I graduate.  My writing skills have improved substantially during my internship.  I have gained several new skills such as copy writing, completing projects, and making blogs.  I have really enjoyed my time here at WCBE and I look forward to my future experiences in the radio industry.