Judge Rules Jerry Sandusky Can Receive Visits From Most Grandchildren

Feb 13, 2012
Originally published on February 13, 2012 3:57 pm

A Pennsylvania judge eased some restrictions on Jerry Sandusky's house arrest today. Judge John Cleland said today that Sandusky will be allowed visits by most of his 11 grandchildren, as well as be allowed to walk out onto his porch and in some cases leave his house to assist in his defense.

CNN reports that the judge said Sandusky can visit with eight of his grandchildren. He deferred a decision on three of them to another judge, because their mother "has strongly objected to them having contact with Sandusky."

CNN adds:

"State Attorney General Linda Kelly had blasted Sandusky's request to see his grandchildren, saying in a motion earlier this month that Sandusky was fortunate to be granted house arrest when 'he is alleged to have committed 52 sexual offenses.'

"Kelly also argued that Sandusky should be required to stay indoors during his house arrest because of fears among neighbors and teachers at a nearby elementary school.

"Cleland denied that request Monday, ruling that prosecutors did not present any evidence showing that Sandusky had tried to contact children at the school."

The Patriot News reports that Sandusky was relived by the judge's decision. Sandusky will be allowed out of the house to assist a private investigator working on his defense.

"Jerry pursued visitation with his grandkids because they missed him and wanted to see him and communicate with him," Joe Amendola, Sandusky's lawyer, wrote in a statement.

Sandusky's trial is expected to begin May 14.

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