Labor Bills Appear Off The Agenda For Now

May 2, 2013

It looks like the three bills that would change the rules requiring Ohioans to pay union dues if they work union jobs have hit a snag.

Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles has details.

Republican State Representative Ron Maag is one of the sponsors of three bills that, if passed into law, would loosen union control over jobs now held by union members.  But he says this is not anti union legislation.
Maag-I like unions.  I support unions.  However, this is about an individual’s freedom.

Unions disagree.  Tim Burga is the head of Ohio’s largest labor organization – the A F L C I O.

Burga – Right to work states have less income, less rights, less middle class, less health care, less retirement.

Democrats, reminded of a successful ballot issue they waged to overturn a different labor law two years ago, say they will fight these new bills.  But they might not have to.  Republican Senate President Keith Faber says he doesn’t think there’s currently enough support in the general assembly to pass them.  Faber says bringing this issue up right now is a way for Democrats to generate a bunch of breathless fundraising appeals.