Land bank lots given to developer for homes

Jul 24, 2012

The city of Columbus is taking 32 vacant parcels out of its land bank and giving them to a developer that plans to create 40 new homes on the South Side.

Columbus Ecionomic Development administrator Bill Webster says Southern Gateway Homes, a division of the group community Development for All people, will create the new homes in the Hungarian Village and Reeb-Hosack areas.

BW: where 1 in 5 homes remain vacant, the city has committed 1.2 million towards a 10 million dollar project -- that's  1.2 million in NSP2 funds and 8.8 million in tax credits -- we beleive this will compliment the private investment in this neighborhood.

Webster says the parcels are on Morill, Woodrow, Innis, Reeb, and barthman Avenues as well as South Fifth and Sixth Streets.