Madison Charged With Multiple Murders In East Cleveland

Jul 23, 2013

Charges have been filed against the man suspected of murdering at least three women and disposing of their bodies in an impoverished Cleveland suburb.

Bill Rice of member station WCPN in Cleveland has details.

At his first court appearance since being arrested Friday, 35 year old Michael Madison showed no emotion as he was charged with 3 counts each of aggravated murder and kidnapping.  He faces a possible death sentence if convicted. 

At a press conference, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton told reporters “ We are living in the midst of tragedy.”

Norton:  “Three individuals who were just minding their own business and being the good human beings that they are and were, were killed senselessly by an individual who has no regard for human life.”

Bail for Madison was set at 6 million dollars.

One of the three victims was discovered Friday when police responded to a complaint of a foul odor. The other two were found Saturday, after Madison’s arrest.  Only one has been identified - Angela Deskins of Cleveland, who is believed to have been 38 years old.  She was identified through fingerprint records.

East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts says there may still be more victims. 

Spotts:  “It’s going to be an ongoing investigation, we’re nowhere near done.  We’re receiving calls from, as you can assume, everywhere.  We’re doing our best to follow up on every tip we get, every bit of information.”

Madison waived his right to a preliminary hearing.  His case has been referred from East Cleveland to the Cuyahoga County Court system.