Marijuana Amendment Approved By AG

May 11, 2018

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana have passed the first big hurdle in that process. 

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles explains.


The Attorney General has approved a proposed amendment by the group, “Ohio Families for Change.” Spokesman Jonathan Varner says the premise is simple: 

“that marijuana should be treated and regulated the same or substantially the same as alcohol and tobacco.”

It would leave the state’s medical marijuana program in place and would de-criminalize marijuana. But backers would need more than 300,000 valid signatures by July for this fall’s ballot. So Varner says the group is shooting for next November.

“2018 just isn’t really realistic. That said, 2019 absolutely is.”

This is one of several marijuana related proposals that citizens’ groups have talked about taking to the ballot.