McTigue, McGinnis & Colombo Matching Challenge!

Apr 4, 2014

This evening from 5pm - 7pm (Friday, April 4th) when you give to WCBE, the law firm of McTigue, McGinnis & Colombo will donate 50 cents for every dollar – up to $2500!

That means a $50 pledge turns into $75; $100 turns into $150. We have a limited number of matching offers throughout the drive, so if you're considering a donation to WCBE, don't wait! Your donation this evening will earn an extra $2,500 - that's 50 additional cents for every dollar given to WCBE over the next two hours, courtesy of McTigue, McGinnis & Colombo Law Firm!

Hurry...give now while you have a free moment! Call (614) 365-5711 - thanks!