Mobile Donations Matched Until 10pm

Oct 16, 2012

Donate through our new mobile donation form and your dollars will be matched!
Credit NetCommunity/Spark

WCBE’s fall fund drive is almost over, and if you haven’t made a donation yet - what are you waiting for? You’re probably busy driving home from work, making dinner, or working out and are telling yourself “you’ll donate, but later”.

WCBE has a timely solution for you.

Take a minute and visit on your smart phone, iPad or tablet. There you can securely make a donation through the use of WCBE’s new mobile pledge form. It’s quick and convenient!

And as a bonus, Tuesday (10/16/12) from 4-10pm, Chornyak & Associates will double your mobile donation, dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000.

We’ve speed up the online process and now you can make a donation quicker than ever before. Best of all, tonight when you donate through your mobile device you earn an extra dollar, for every dollar YOU give.