Modest Growth In Ohio Holiday Retail Sales Predicted

Nov 21, 2017

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Researchers are predicting modest growth in Ohio holiday retail sales this year compared with last.

Sales are expected to increase most in the Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo regions. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

The University of Cincinnati Economics Center is predicting a slight growth for retailers this year. Chris Nicak says a 2.04% growth over last year is projected. And while he says that’s a modest amount, it is proof the economy has made steady improvements in recent years.


“That comes out to a 9% growth since the year 2015.”


Nicak says Cleveland retailers should see a 3.1% growth over last year and Dayton is projected to have 3.4% growth. Columbus is expected to have zero growth. And he says Mansfield is the only area of the state where sales are not expected to be at least as good as last year.