Monster House

If you're a kid, well . . . .

Monster House may be the scariest kid movie ever made. A house terrorizes neighborhood kids, not just any house but the living embodiment of a very fat circus lady loved by the house's owner.

The three Potter-like youngsters endure pain and suffering to help the alleged monster in the house (Steve Buscemi) deal with his circus porker. The thrills are of the disturbing, for the kids a thrown about like magnetized junk at a dump site. But, hey, what do you want for a horror animation that satisfies the best fears of young persons--George Bush's Iraq policy?

The special film process, which goes from actors to animation, is similar to the effect in Polar Express, but better facial expressions. Monster House is slow in the setup--do wait around. If you're an adult, you're likely to look at the eyesore on your block with new respect. If you're a kid, well, you'll have to grow up before you get the courage to rehab the 'hood.