More Presidential Campaign Ads Airing In Ohio

Oct 4, 2012

A Jewish political organization supporting Republican Mitt Romney's presidential bid is launching 2-point-5 million dollars worth of television ads in Ohio and four other states.

The Republican Jewish Coalition has financial backing from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. He is Romney's top individual political donor and is the target of a federal money laundering investigation. The ads criticize President Obama's handling of the economy. Meanwhile the Obama campaign is stepping up criticism of rival Mitt Romney's past investments in China in a television ad airing in Ohio and six other states. The ad uses his tax return to say Romney invested in a company that  maximized profits by paying Chinese workers very little to manufacture appliances. The ad aims to discredit Romney's assertion that he would take on China's trade advantage over the U.S.. Romney is running ads saying The President has been too soft on China and let U.S. jobs move overseas.