Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition - "Airplane on a Conveyor Belt"

Jul 19, 2013

On the TV show Mythbusters, the cast and creative team often pose questions unlikely to cross our minds, and their answers and methods draw us in to watch and learn about things we've never even imagined. Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition, now at COSI, is no exception.


Think about this: can an airplane fly in the opposite direction of the conveyor belt from which it takes off? Though you may have never wondered about such a thing, the Mythbusters have, and now this interactive activity is right here to Columbus so you can try it out for yourself.


The myth, one that fans thought would be impossible to bust, is tested at COSI with both an airplane and a car. Both vehicles are set up to run on a conveyor belt moving the opposite direction, and the key is to create enough power for the plane to fly and the car to continue moving.


This is a part of several modules that will focus on specific aspects of the Mythbusters exhibit, including insight into the science behind several of the experiments.

 Want to see if you can bust the myth too? Check out Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition at COSI now through Labor Day, and keep checking for more!