Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition - "Blind Driving"

Jul 5, 2013

In this week's look into Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition, is it possible to drive successfully while "blind"?

In this interactive activity, the participant is driving on a course that they cannot see. They must rely on a partner who can see the course to give instruction. The activity is not about who has the most driving experience, it is more about how to relay directions in a helpful, organized fashion.

This is a part of several modules that will focus on specific aspects of the Mythbusters exhibit, including insight into the science behind several of the experiments.

 Audio FileIntern Elizabeth Miller speaks with COSI project manager Josh Kessler about the blind driving challenge, and COSI visitor Kim shares her experiences.Edit | Remove

Does driving experience help your blind driving? Does it affect your driving at all? Try out your blind driving skills at the newest COSI exhibition, based on the TV show Mythbusters, through September 2, and keep watching for the next myth.