Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition - "Cliffhanger"

Jul 5, 2013

Have you ever wondered how long you can hang onto a cliff before falling to your untimely demise?

The answer to this (minus the risk of imminent death) is at COSI’s newest exhibit, Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition and Cliffhanger, an activity that tests your ability to hang onto a "cliff" for as long as you can stand it.

This is the first of several modules that will focus on specific aspects of the Mythbusters exhibit, including insight into the science behind several of the experiments.

 Audio FileOut on the floor and during one of the exhibit’s live shows, intern Elizabeth Miller speaks with Public Relations and Social Media Manager Jaclyn Reynolds about Cliffhanger, and Ben, a COSI visitor, gives his thoughts about the myth.Edit | Remove

Do you think you can beat Ben’s time of one minute, ten seconds? Check out Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition at COSI now, and stay tuned for the next in depth look at this new exhibit.