New Rule A Concern For College Football Coaches

Aug 12, 2013

As the Ohio State football team continues preparations for the 2013 season, coaches are also studying changes to game's rule on targeting defenseless players.

If a player takes aim at an opponent's head or neck with intent that goes beyond a legal tackle or block, the punishment will be an ejection for the offender as well as a 15-yard penalty. Part of the impetus for the change involves making the game safer. Officials will be watching for several indicators of a rule violation including, if a player uses the crown of the helmet to make a hit, or launches any part of the body toward the ball carrier's head or neck area. But it's clear players and coaches across the country are still trying to discern what would constitute an ejection. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer spoke about it at yesterday's media day.

Some coaches worry that officials will misapply the rule because of all the attention on safety.