New Saturday Radio Line Up!

Oct 20, 2017

12am-1am - Midnight Audio Theater Local (Cathy Rinella)  

1am-7am -  BBC BBC/PRI 

7am-8am - Documentary Block Varies 

8am-10am - Weekend Edition Saturday 

10am-11am - Only a Game

11am-12pm  - Dinner Party Download 

12pm-1pm - Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me 

1pm-2pm - The Splendid Table 

2pm-2:30pm - Space Radio Local (Paul Sutter) 

2:30pm-3pm - You, Inc. Local (Ria Greiff) 

3pm - 4pm - ISN/Kickin’ It Local (CCS)

4pm-6pm - Toss the Feathers Local (Anna Oscard)

6pm-8pm  - Live From Here with Chris Thile 

8pm-10pm - Shakin’ It Local (Jon Peterson)  

10pm-1am - All Mixed Up Local (James Brown)