A New Year's Note from WCBE's GM

Dec 31, 2012

Will WCBE become the first public radio station in orbit?
Credit Victor Habbick

Here it is:  a brand new year -- 2013.

We're way behind.  According to my generation's dreams, by now the Jupiter 2 had launched with the Space Family Robinson (October 16, 1997); a fully-staffed Moonbase Alpha roamed space on a lost moon (1999); and the HAL 9000 computer lost its mind while singing Daisy above Jupiter (2001).

While our species might have lost its way, you haven't.  Through 2012, you kept the dream of WCBE alive and well.  Our annual audit concluded just before the year itself, and it showed that central Ohio's NPR station remained strong right on through the Mayan doomsday:  support from both listeners and local businesses kept WCBE out of the red and solidly in the black as December 31st ticked away.  That enabled us to continue bringing you the great national and local public radio programs you love...from Morning Edition at dawn, through our world-encompassing local music programs, into the mix of news and music shows after sunset.  Your support also enabled us to serve the community in more tangible ways than mere radio waves -- feeding the hungry with GreenBEAN and the MidOhio Food Bank, helping middle schoolers express themselves through song with the Dick & Jane Project, promoting reading and writing through our literacy initiatives, and so much more.

The new year will be even better.  We have grand plans to serve the community more meaningfully, while developing more local shows to fascinate your ears.  Our goal is to make a real difference in the quality of life in Columbus and environs.  With your continued support, we'll do it.

Way behind?  Nah; at WCBE, we're moving into 2013 full steam ahead!

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I sincerely wish that 2013 will be your landmark year of accomplishment and joy!