News storms trigger Central Ohio power outages

Jul 26, 2012

Storms rolling through Central Ohio this afternoon have left over 14,000 people in Franklin County without power, according to American Electric Power.

Nearly 10-thousand AEP customers in Delaware, Fairfield and Licking Counties also lost power as heavy rain and high winds ripped though the area.  Many people in those areas were left without power for up to a week after strong storms late last month.  Many injuries asssociated with such storms are caused when people venture out into a storm before it has finished its course. Mary Bonelli of the Ohio Insurance Institute says -- don't do that.

MB:  Do not go out during storms. Very important. There are a lot of looky loos who go out and check storm damage before storms are even done. And that could result in injury to you as an individual. It’s going to be there after the storm so please, please, please, do not go out in the midst of storms to check out damage.

Bonelli says call your insurance company as soon as possible after the storm if you see signs of damage. She says, when you go out after the storm, make sure to take pictures of damage on your property and stay away from any downed power lines.