Niehaus urges bi-partisanship in farewell to GA

Dec 12, 2012

The President of the Ohio Senate was honored during session this week.

 Tom Niehaus will be leaving the Senate when this general assembly ends its work next week. Niehaus left the members of the Senate with advice to work with each other in a bi-partisan way to get things done. And he told a story about Democratic State Senator Nina Turner, one of the Senate’s more outspoken members, to make his point.

Niehaus: You know I’ve been promoting bipartisanship. That means getting to know each other personally. We need to socialize, talk about family and friends. It will make a difference. Last year, we had a members only bowling party. And Nina,I’m going to tell a little story. You know Nina was having a little trouble keeping the ball on the lane. So at one point, one of our Republican colleagues yelled out at her “Nina, move to the left”. Now who would have ever thought a conservative Republican would tell a liberal - proud Democrat - to move to the left? But we all laughed. We enjoyed the moment. And we need to enjoy more of those moments.

Niehaus has served in the Ohio legislature for 12 years. He’s served as president of the Ohio Senate for the last four of those years.