Obama and Romney circle Ohio

Sep 26, 2012

The presidential candidates are circling each other in Ohio today, vying for votes in the key swing state. 

 Barack Obama jabbed Mitt Romney over the Republican's comment that the president's supporters believe they are victims, entitled to federal support.

Obama:  As I travel around Ohio and as I look out over this crowd, I don't see a lot of victims.  I see hard working Ohioans.  Starting on October 2nd, which is just six days from now, you get to start voting.  You get to have your say.

During a rally this morning at Bowling Green, the president touted some of his administration's achievements, including the federal rescue of GM and Chrysler.  He also noted what he called Romney's "newfound outrage" over China's trade policy.  the president pointed out that his administration has brought more trade cases against China in one term than President George W. Bush did in two.  Romney took up the China gauntlet, and promised he would take swift action over trade issues.

Romney:  And that's why one thing I will do from day one is label China a currency manipulator.  They must not steal jobs in an unfair way.

Both candidates made a series of appearance today in the Buckeye state.