ODOT Unveils New Website For Ohio Drivers

Jan 16, 2013

The first place Ohio drivers turn to for help is often not ODOT. But the transportation agency hopes to help drivers navigate through six big Ohio cities and throughout the state with a new website.

ODOT project manager Todd Wolfhurst says it’s a revamp of ODOT’s old traffic website

ODOT Director Jerry Wray says the new website allows travelers to customize their trips within six major Ohio cities and between different regions of the state.

The information on the site comes from road sensors, traffic cameras, weather-monitoring services and reports that come in to ODOT’s central office headquarters. The state spent $260,000 to change the website’s name and add the features, which ODOT says are more up to date and accurate than those provided by other websites or apps. Officials say it uses radar and images that are constantly updating to ODOT’s central office in Columbus.