Ohio Flu Cases Increase Tenfold

Jan 11, 2013

The Ohio Department of Health says the number of people hospitalized for the flu this season is up more than ten times than in the recent past.

Spokesperson Tess Pollock.

Columbus Public Health officials say 293 people have been hospitalized for the flu since January 5th. That's up from nine cases at the same point last year. Pollock says one Ohio child has died of the flu. The Centers for Disease Control says 20 American children have died from the virus. Doctor Anthony Fauci (Fauw'-chee) of the National Institutes of Health says the U.S. is in the midst of what he calls a flu epidemic.

Local, state, and national health officials continue urging people to get vaccinated for the flu. They also urge people to wash their hands and get plenty of rest. They say people with the flu should stay
away from work or school.