Ohio House Committee Holds Hearing On Bill To Eliminate "Pink Tax"

Oct 11, 2017


Backers of a bill exempting feminine hygiene products from the state sales tax say it's not fair to tax women for the medical supplies they need.

Ohio Public Radio's  Jo Ingles reports.

The Chief of Staff for online retailer BOXED told an Ohio House committee his company has lowered prices on tampons and sanitary pads to make them more affordable. Max Dworin says Ohio taxes the products because they are considered luxury items but he says women, including his girlfriend, don’t see it that way.

“If I said, ‘oh no, that’s a luxury item, we are going to skip those this month,’ I’d probably be sleeping on the couch.”


The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Representative Brigid Kelly, says tampons and pads should be treated like other health care supplies.


“Other similar medically necessary products are already exempt from the sales tax.”


Though previous versions of the bill to eliminate what’s known as “the pink tax” haven’t gotten far, this one has bipartisan support.