Ohio House Passes Reagan Tokes Act

Jun 21, 2018

Reagan Tokes
Credit Tokes family via

The Ohio House has passed a bill to reform criminal sentencing and strengthen probation monitoring. 

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

The Reagan Tokes Act is named after the Ohio State University student who was raped and murdered by a man who was out of prison on probation.

The bill allows for indefinite sentencing for first- and second-degree felonies, basing release on good behavior.


As Republican Representative Jim Hughes explains, Tokes’ killer Brian Golsby committed many violations while in prison for a previous crime.


Hughes: “Under our current determinate sentencing structure, Golsby’s behavior in prison had no effect on his release day and thus provide little incentive for his rehabilitation.”


The bill now goes to the Senate where leaders have expressed support for the legislation.