Ohio Manufacturers Have Positive Outlook On Future

Aug 22, 2013

A recent survey shows Ohio manufacturers are upbeat about their future.

Brian Bull of member station WCPN in Cleveland reports.

Lisa Schaaf of the Ohio Manufacturers Association says a recent report by the McGladrey accounting firm gives a favorable snapshot of where Buckeye manufacturers sit this year.

LSchaaf01: “31 percent of Ohio respondents said that their manufacturing or distribution company is thriving.  And 63 percent said they’re holding steady.  And only 6 percent said that their companies were in decline.  So it doesn’t surprise me that the level of lending is good and strong.” (:15)

Schaaf says some manufacturers are wary about how government regulation, taxes, and implementing the Affordable Care Act may play into their long-term profits.

But a continued emphasis on exports is expected to help American manufacturers, including those in Ohio.  Last year, U.S. exports reached a record rate at more than 2-trillion dollars.  The Obama Administration wants to bring that up to 3-trillion by the end of 2014.