Ohio Senate Approves Bill To Ban Abortion Following Down Diagnosis

Nov 16, 2017

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure banning abortions based on a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

The House and Senate must now reconcile their versions of the measure. More from Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler.

Republican Frank LaRose of Hudson explained why he sponsored the Senate version of the ban.


“Do we want in the state of Ohio to have people making a decision that someone is less valuable because of a chromosomal disorder that they have?”


But Republican Matt Dolan of Chagrin Falls joined the nine Democrats in voting against it, saying he’s worried whether it will hold up in court, and about encouraging silence about Down syndrome.


“I fear that we will have more abortions, which is not the impact of this bill. Constitutionally, I have questions.”


The House passed a Down Syndrome abortion ban two weeks ago. So one measure will have to be chosen to be presented to Governor John Kasich, who said two years ago he would sign such a ban.