Over 1,400 students attending CCS summer school

Jun 12, 2012

Summer school began this week for over 1,400 students at five CCS high schools.  Program head Joyce Hackett says costs are offset by the tuition paid by students from CCS and other districts. 

It costs students 100-dollars per class -- 50 dollars for phys ed -- to re-take a failed course or get a head start on future requirements.  Tuition for students from outside of the district is $300 and $150.  The district's director of intervention programs, Joyce Hackett, says the revenue balances out the cost of providing summer school.

"Because enough of the students are repeating courses, I'm not sure we're incurring large amounts of costs for summer school.  Because you know they're 25 students per classroom, and we pretty much fill those classes, and so we're paying one teacher for 25 students.  It's a balancing act, for sure, with the tuition that we collect."

Hackett says district-provided COTA bus passes are part of the budget for summer classes.