Police Break Up Newark Gang

Jul 26, 2013

Newark police say they have broken up a violent gang.

Five men and two juveniles calling themselves the "Ohio Boyz" have been indicted on multiple charges. Police say the group started a crime spree in January that included shooting out dozens of windows with a BB gun, spray painting graffiti, and twice assaulting a homeless man. Detectives Travis Delancey and Melanie Angle say they spent hundreds of hours investigating the case, which was broken when they found the gang members boasting of their exploits on social media websites.

The detectives say the adults charged in the case are 20-year-old Nathan Speight, 18-year-old Brett VanValkenburg and his 27-year-old brother Rocky, 25-year-old Dustin Nelson, and 22-year-old Robert Wheeler. 15-year-old Austin LaGrange and 16-year-old Devonte Stull are also charged in the case.