Political Bickering Over Serving Out Terms As Governor

Feb 7, 2014

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald is calling on incumbent Republican John Kasich to serve his full four year term if he is re-elected.

Republicans are firing back. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles explains.

In recent weeks, Governor John Kasich’s name has been mentioned by several political pundits as a potential Republican Presidential candidate for 2016.  And Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Ed FitzGerald is taking notice of that possibility.  He’s publicly asking Kasich to sign a pledge that if he’s re-elected, he would serve out his four year term.  The Ohio Republican Party’s Chris Schrimpf blasts FitzGerald for playing his own game of political opportunism.  Schrimpf notes FitzGerald, the current Cuyahoga County Executive, has run seven differnet political campaigns for five different positions over the past few years.  FitzGerald also asked Libertarian candidate Charlie Earl to sign the same pledge.