Poll Finds Obama Ahead of McCain

Columbus, OH – A new Quinnipiac University poll now puts Obama six percent ahead of Republican John McCain.

Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown said that the end of Clinton's candidacy has been a big boost for Obama.

Repeating a theme other polls have found, today's poll says that choosing an Ohioan as a running mate likely would not help either presidential contender win the Buckeye State. The poll says it would hurt Obama to pick Governor Strickland, and it would hurt McCain to tap former congressman Rob Portman.

Democrats like the idea of HiIlary Clinton as the number two on the ticket, but Brown says that could be a risky strategy. Independent voters in Ohio, by a margin of 47 to 31 percent, don't want Clinton on the ticket. Similar reactions from Independents were noted in key swing states Florida and Pennsylvania.