Portman Cancels New Hampshire Event For Syria Briefing

Sep 6, 2013

Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has canceled his weekend appearance at a GOP fundraising event in New Hampshire to be in Washington for classified briefings on Syria.

Portman says he is undecided on whether to support President Obama's call for a U.S. military strike. Portman told reporters this week he could support a limited strike, but he thinks if the U.S. does strike, it should not do so alone. Portman says he wants to hear more about the situation directly from the administration and U.S. military leaders. The President isn't saying what he would do if Congress fails to authorize his request, but says he believes he has the authority to take limited military action with or without the approval of lawmakers. The President spoke about the issue today at the G-20 summit in Russia.

The President says he will address the American people about the situation on Tuesday.