Presidential Campaigns Back In Ohio This Week

Sep 24, 2012

On the final week before the debates begin, both presidential candidates return to Ohio as the start of early voting nears.

Republican Mitt Romney plans a cross-state bus tour Tuesday and Wednesday focused on the "Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class." Running mate Paul Ryan kicks off the effort today, landing in Dayton and traveling to an event in Lima. Ryan will join Romney at an event in Dayton Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama visits Bowling Green and Kent on Wednesday. He's highlighting his plan for building the economy "middle-out, not top-down." The visits come on the heels of a Ohio Newspaper Organization poll out Sunday showing Obama with a 51-46 lead over Romney among likely Ohio voters. Ohio's early absentee ballots have already been sent to overseas and military voters. Others can begin voting early starting Oct. 2.