Presidential Debate Reaction

Oct 4, 2012

Reaction to last night's presidential debate is falling along party lines in Ohio. Jim Letizia reports.

Republican Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama of spending his energy pushing the health care law rather than trying to fix the struggling economy. In their first presidential debate last night, Romney promised to
repeal the health care law. The President says his administration worked on health care at the same time it worked to create jobs. And he says he based the law on Romney's plan that was insituted when he was Massachusetts governor. The question of  who "won" last night is running along party lines in Ohio.  Former Republican state lawmaker Lee Weingart says Romney dominated. Former Democratic state lawmaker Peter Lawson Jones says the  debate was not the President's strongest, but it shouldn't hurt him. Both candidates mentioned of Ohio during the debate, given its standing as a deciding battleground state in the election.