Puppy Mill Crackdown Passes House

Nov 15, 2012

A crackdown on so-called “puppy mills” in Ohio is closer to law, after many years and many rewrites.

The Ohio House has okayed the bill strengthening regulations on high volume dog breeding operations that produce nine litters of puppies or sell at least 60 dogs a year. Democrat Teresa Fedor of Toledo says the bill requires licensing and annual inspection of dog breeders, and the ability to fine breeders who violate standards of care.

The Republican who chaired the committee that voted out the bill yesterday says it took a lot of work to bring in all those affected by the bill, including dog breeders, retailers and rescue groups. Rep. David Hall notes some felt the regulations were too strict, while others felt they weren’t tough enough.

The bill also ups the fees on license applications for dog breeders, requires a database for rescue facilities, and instructs local inspectors to look into kennels. Animal activists such as those with the Humane Society of the United States say the bill has been watered down, but add that it’s a start to better protection of dogs.