ResponsibleOhio Issue Will Be On Fall Ballot, But There Are Some Final Details To Resolve

Aug 14, 2015

The proposed state constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana will be before Ohio voters this fall. 

But there are still some details to work out. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

The issue has an appearance before the state’s Ballot Board Tuesday. Secretary of State Jon Husted’s spokesman Joshua Eck said, “That panel will be in charge of writing the actual ballot language that will appear when people go to cast their ballots on Election Day to describe what the issue is.”

And Husted still needs to assign numbers to the ResponsibleOhio issue and the one that could negate it – the one from state lawmakers, which bans business interests from putting into the constitution anything that economically benefits only them and is not offered to others. And Husted also says if both amendments win, the lawmakers’ amendment would dominate, even if it gets fewer votes, since it would go into effect first. Husted is still investigating signature gathering by ResponsibleOhio, but Eck says that probe won’t keep the issue off the ballot.